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Why would you buy an outdoor display? Mainly because it offers you the possibility to promote your brand in a fashionable, striking and useful way. With that, you can increase brand awareness and sales everywhere your products are sold! Would you like to get some help with that? Choose to partner up with Dekkers International B.V., specialist in designing, developing and implementing innovative point-of-sale promotional displays.

Buy the outdoor display that fits your wishes and needs

At Dekkers International B.V., the central focus is on the wishes and needs of our clients. Therefore, we keep personal contact during the whole process of the design, development and implementation of your outdoor display. When you decide to buy an outdoor display at our company, you are assured of an outdoor display that matches the highest quality standards and your communication needs.

Promotional products are developed in a few steps

While we help you design, develop and implement all kinds of point-of-sale promotional displays from initial step to fully finished product, we apply a vast working method. This means that we first have an orientation meeting to help us get an idea on what you want and to help you find out the possibilities. After that, the design of the product is made. If finished, we create a prototype that, when approved by you, gets produced. Finally, we take care of the post-production logistics.

Here is how you contact us

When you want to know more about our working method, the possibilities or when you have questions you want to ask before you buy an outdoor display, you can contact us by calling +31(0)40 251 67 89.