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Tap Lens

Grow from passive content sharing to experience creation.

Effectively grab attention and generate a more meaningful and valuable interaction with your consumers. 

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the visual

  • Communicate via instant, highly targeted and customized branding

  • Connect with your customers in matters of seconds with dynamic content

  • Make the first impression that lasts and increase on trade sales 

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Contribute to a 
Sustainable future

Made from 100% recyclable material, fully biodegradable housing and slim-line sustainable packaging to aid our efforts towards a circular economy and the road to zero emission.

  • Recyclable
  • Biodegradable
  • Circular

Easy, Fast, and Cost-effective integration.



Lower your
Total Cost of Ownership.

New brand, new logo or exiting news to share? All you need to do is update your content. This will significantly cut down expenses on product replacements so you can make efficient use of your trade marketing budget and valuable time.

  • Top quality components guarantee long product life 

  • Compatible with all your commercial draft systems

  • Adjust branding or logo in a matter of seconds

Digital Tap Lens saves you a lot of cost in the long run.

Product specialists & Full
service options.

Open your world to the endless possibilities of digital content on the bar. We can consult or manage the entire content creation, exchange, maintenance and operational servicing. 

More information

PitchDeck & Technical

The Digital Tap Lens instantly shows your brand or tailored marketing message to customers creating more brand awareness and engagement. It can be easily installed in your existing or new draft systems. For more detailed information please download the factsheet below.

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Independent Testing & Compliance

Our Digital Tap lenses have undergone independent testing and comply with the highest international safety standards.