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The B.360°


Give customers a premium experience of your brand they can’t resist with the new customizable and compact beverage refrigerator.

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your brand's

A 360° brand experience made for a premium spot.
Are your beverages hidden away in bars due to size limitations and dull fridge designs? The B.360° Fridge- a customizable and compact beverage refrigerator - was created so that you can take advantage of one of the most important touchpoints for your product's experience!

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Choose a fridge
that sells the beverages

  • Flexible design elements
  • Eye-level premium products
  • Easy maintenance

Compact, Counter-top Refridgerator

Customized to your brand needs.

A premium experience boosts premium product sales

Bars can finally use a stylish, premium fridge at eye-level that basically sells the drinks itself. Not to mention, for a competitive price! These fridges could be overflowing the bars soon. The only question left is - which brands will be the first?

  • Use flexible design and adapt the fridge to your brand needs, lighting preferences and the bar’s requirements.

  • Exhibit your beverages with the 360° experience of full glass walls and internal LED lighting.

  • Adjust the size to hold different combinations of beverages while keeping your eye-level position.

Take your on-trade brand experience to the next level.

Facts &

Download the factsheet for an overview of the benefits and technical specifications. Or get in touch to discuss the possibilities for your brand.

Download factsheet

Independent Testing & Compliance

The B.360 Fridge has undergone independent testing and complies with the highest international safety standards.

brand experience

Offer customers a premium brand experience and perfect serve possibility to maximize the enjoyment of your beverage.

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