A Premium Sign for Premier Partners

Google Premier Partner Illuminated Sign for Offices


Google Premier Partner LEDSign on Wall

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The Google Premier Partner program is an exclusive membership for the top-tier advertisers and agencies using Google Products. 

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The requester of this project and client was HH Global, a marketing and advertising agency and partner to over one-third of the top 100 global companies, representing +1000 brands. 


Google Premier Partner Signage Package for Top-Tier Advertisers

Client briefing summary 

Create an on-brand, high-quality illuminated sign and deliver a Google product experience, including a branded box and booklet. Items must additionally be produced and delivered in the most sustainable way possible.

Google Premier Partner LEDSign - the letter G LEDNeon

Project description summary

The project's main goal was to design an illuminated sign that reaches the same high-quality experience standard all Google communication and products elude. Simultaneously, the sign needed to follow brand guidelines, integrate sustainable materials and offer top-tier, loyal partners a sign worthy of a prominent spot in offices and establishments. 

Google Premier Partner LEDSign with Stand

Main components:

  • The iconic "G" was a LEDNeon sign surrounded by white ambient illumination. 
  • The "G" LEDNeon was integrated on an elegant and smooth LEDSign back plate that highlights the "Google Partner" and "Premier" words to emphasize status. 
  • Material choices for sustainability: (raw) materials are the most significant contributors to emissions, so adaptations were made to lower emissions and contribute to circularity by replacing some materials with more sustainable options: recycled acrylic and biodegradable PLA (back for letter 'G") was used. 
  • All signs were shipped in fully-branded boxes to elevate the receiver's experience. This box used vegan ink and recycled materials and followed the zero-plastic policy. 
  • Dekkers has a partnership with GoodShipping. All annual emissions from transport are calculated and switched to sustainable biofuels in a specific shipment to contribute to decarbonization and a more sustainable shipping industry. 

Google LEDSign_inboxing

All items were delivered to partners in over 77 countries around the world. Special care was taken to ensure the most efficient routes were chosen. 

The Final Product in Action

Roiback agency | Google Premier Partner Sign
idH agency | Google Premier Partner Sign
Grazitti Interactive agency | Google Premier Partner Sign
Línea Gráfica agency | Google Premier Partner

Get inspired! Download the entire client portfolio (pdf) with more examples. 

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