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Neon sign

Your new functional neon sign or neon light must be designed, developed and implemented by a specialized company. Dekkers International B.V. has an extensive experience in creating innovative point-of-sale solutions for your brands. In this way, you can fulfil all your communication needs and marketing goals. Do you want to increase brand awareness and sales, everywhere your products are being sold? Reach optimal results and get an optimum return on your investment by using the promotional products by Dekkers International B.V.

Why use a neon sign or neon light for your company?

How can a neon sign or neon light contribute to the brand awareness and sales of the products your company offers? At Dekkers International B.V., we create point-of-sale solutions that:

  • Stand out
  • Catch the attention
  • Point out the strengths of your brand
  • Advertise in a fun way

With our pro-active, creative and innovative no-nonsense approach, we know how to communicate your message in the most effective way.

From the initial step to the final product

Our organization takes care of the entire process in making a neon sign or light for your company: from the initial step to the final product. This means that we start by discussing your ideas, wishes and needs in an orientation meeting. After that, we create a design that fully matches these ideas, wishes and needs. Then, we start prototyping. Are you satisfied with the product? By then, we start the production.


Make use of our logistic worldwide network

Would you like to transport the neon sign or neon light for your company abroad? Because we have a logistic worldwide network, we can easily take care of transportation and placement of your point-of-sale solutions. How does this work? We are happy to give you detailed information when you reach us by calling +31(0)40 251 67 89.