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Neon sign

A neon sign is a perfect way to promote your brand, so why wouldn't you discover why many A-brand manufacturers prefer to call in the help of Dekkers International B.V.? As a professional in the design, development and implementation of innovative point-of-sale solutions for your brand, we can help you fulfil all your marketing goals and communication needs. With a pro-active, innovative and creative team that handles a vast working method, we assure you to arrive at the desired results for your company.

One of the internationally oriented neon sign manufacturers

At Dekkers International B.V., we are proud that our point-of-sale promotional solutions can be found all over the world. But why would you choose us as your neon sign creator amongst all other neon sign manufacturers? Our organization takes care of the entire process. From product management through to the design, the prototyping, the production and the logistics of the product. Because we own offices and facilities in China and the Netherlands, we provide you with optimal product solutions that meet the highest quality standards.

A product that meets your ideas, needs and wishes

We highly value your ideas, needs and wishes. Therefore, we stay in close contact during the whole process. This starts with the orientation meeting, where you are informed about the possibilities and we talk about your expectations. When our specialist work on the design and on prototyping, you are also able to request adjustments. Once you are completely satisfied, we start the production of the sign.


Speak directly to one of our specialists

Would you like to call upon the services of Dekkers International B.V. amongst all other neon sign manufacturers? Then you might want to talk to one of our specialist. We request you to call +31(0)40 251 67 89 for more information.