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Promotional items design

The promotional items for your company should have a design that match with what you want your brand to exude. Would you like to appear as proud and robust? Friendly and soft? Or strong and powerful? Dekkers International B.V., specialist in the design, development and implementation of point-of-sale promotional displays, responds to your wishes and needs. We strive to fulfil the objectives and communication strategies that you want to reach for your company.

Promotional items made with the latest 3D-design software

With promotional items, you want to communicate your message in a very effective way, to appeal to your target audience. But how do we design promotional items for your company that do that? By using the latest 3D-design software. With the state-of-the-art 3D-presentations this software offers you, you can exactly see what the end-product is going to look like. In this way, you can easily manage and control our specialists to create the design solutions that fit your wishes and needs.

What happens after the design?

When the design is finished, and it is fully approved by you, we start with the prototype of the product. Are you completely satisfied? Then we start the production. Production is carried out by our production partners in Europe and China. Finally, we take care of the post-production logistics by providing you with worldwide distribution services.

Turn your ideas into reality

Do you want to turn your ideas into reality? We are happy to help you. Contact us by calling +31(0)40 251 67 89 for more information on our working method and the many possibilities we can offer you when it comes to the design of promotional items.