Brand values

Every Point of Purchase and promotional item represents your brand’s values. If a supplier of these communication items ignores Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), your brand’s identity can be harmed. Working with Dekkers International means that you are working with a company that has a global outlook and a progressive vision. We strive towards a sustainable society and we take responsibility for the effects of our business activities.

About CSR

CSR is an ongoing process that is constantly evolving. Here at Dekkers International, we are committed to providing high-quality, reliable and cost-efficient products and services for your company. Our company is made stronger by our efforts to pay equal respect to Profit, Planet and People.

Our partners

Working together with EcoVadis and Sedex, trusted partners with whom we aim to improve environmental and social practices, Dekkers International can assure you that your Point of Purchase and promotional items are designed and produced according to our (and your) CSR standards.