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Beaming Outdoor: increase outdoor brand visibility

Looking for impactful ways to increase your brand exposure when on-premise locations are closed or pedestrians are in a hurry? Check out how a playful, interactive light can help you. 

Benefits of Beaming Outdoor

  • Unique way to showcase your brand outdoors
  • Attract attention of a huge audience
  • Customizable to your brand guidelines and needs
  • Increase sales using a cost-effective marketing solution


Rob Dekkers

Head of R&D - Dekkers

“Signage is a silent salesperson but is often only used indoors. That’s a missed opportunity as you can add to your customer’s journey by extending the brand experience outdoors. Extra impact for competitive costs.”


Stand out

Projection is known to draw the eye’s attention


Attract attention with unexpected movement

Beaming Outdoor innovation offers triggered movement instead of constant movement, ensuring a subtle draw of attention. It results in a pleasant brand experience with no intrusions.


Customize to your brand and needs

Integrate your brand identity and add a new dimension to your on-trade promotion using the power of movement and light.

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of businesses using on-premise signage reported increases averaging about 10 percent in sales.

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Beaming Outdoor

It is still key to be visible to your target audience but as the majority of the on trade is closed there’s absolutely no way to increase visibility for your brand at these locations right? Are you considering to dedicate your entire marketing budget to the e-commerce? What if we tell you that this doesn’t have to be the case at all? Needless to say, we all hope this summer our lives will be back to normal. But if it is anything like last summer we should definitively not overlook outdoor communication.

Standard outdoor signage has been accepted as an incredibly powerful tool to inform your target audience what is happening inside. You want something that stands out from the crowd and that makes people stop and stare.

That is why we are extremely excited to introduce Beaming Outdoor: an outstanding way of promoting your brand and increasing visibility - even when the on trade is closed. It's also a unique way to showcase your brand outdoors once on premise locations re-open.

As not everyone looks up when walking the streets, adding the beaming option to outdoor signage could attract the attention of a huge audience. By projecting an image of your product or service on the floor of a public area you instantly spread awareness about your brand! 


Curious what Beaming Outdoor can do for your brand?

Get in touch with one of our experts in the field to discuss your question, challenges or brainstorm about the most fitting solutions.