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Case: Heineken® Silver Bottle Glorifier and Illuminated Sign

Heineken® Silver is the newest beer innovation from The HEINEKEN Company. For the launch, our mission was to create an illuminated bottle glorifier and wall signage for one of their key distribution channels: bars and hospitality outlets. It needed to incorporate a new design while staying close to the original strong brand foundations. The new promotional items also had to adhere to their fans' high expectations and satisfy quality standards. Read about their approach in this Heineken Silver case study. 

“For the launch of Heineken® Silver, we were looking for merchandising materials that brought the fresh, playful and dynamic brand elements to life while staying close to the fundaments of the original Heineken® brand. With close collaboration between our brand-design team and Dekkers, we created the perfect balance between new and original.”
Caroline van Hoff

Senior brand design manager, HEINEKEN International, Photo credit: Heineken®

Heineken Silver_bottle_glorifier
“Working with minimal existing artwork for a new product, we based the design on the bottle label artwork. Each element of the label was carefully adapted to the design of the glorifier, including the product form.”

Dennis Klerkx

Designer - Dekkers

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Heineken Silver_bottle_glorifier
“The blue LEDNeon© and white bottle illumination creates a vibrant impact and depth. Additionally, the embossed 3D effect and the irregular placing of brand elements added to the playful character.”

Dennis Klerkx

Design - Dekkers

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Heineken Silver_illuminated_wall_sign
“For the full bar experience, the illuminated wall sign brings an additional behind-the-bar visibility item in line with the label artwork and acts as an extension to the bottle glorifier. ”

Video original source: Heineken® Youtube Channel

Case Overview: Illuminated Bottle Glorifier and Wall Sign

The Challenge

Create more visibility for the new Heineken® Silver beer at key distribution spots. We needed to create a premium set of marketing products that cater to the goals of:

(1) increasing brand visibility at the bar,
(2) introducing the new Heineken® Silver beer, and
(3) creating high-quality promotional items that complement each other. when used together.

The Solution

We based the design of a bottle glorifier and matching illuminated wall sign on the Heineken® Silver label artwork. Each element of the label was carefully adapted to the design, including the form.By adapting the label design and enhancing the fresh and playful character through illumination, embossed artwork and style; the final products were successfully launched together with the large scale cross-channel marketing campaign complimenting the overall look&feel.

The Result

As a result, the promotional products became a valued addition to the trade marketing strategy, with more items to come. Meanwhile, constant innovation and improvements are taking place. In the following case study, we will look more into the feedback and developments of these branded items. Sign up to be one of the first to hear about it. 

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Heineken_Infinity_Bottle glorifier
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