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Frequently Asked Questions

“Welcome to the FAQ. We hope you find your answer here. Otherwise, get in touch with our team for personal advice.”

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Project Manager and Client Experience Expert




Placing an Order

Q: Do you only supply to companies or also to private individuals? 

We are specialized in business-to-business orders and don't sell directly to consumers. For each unique order, a dedicated team, resources and time is invested in creating premium signs and marketing products which results in the price being higher for one unit than a consumer product. 

If you are a private individual, we suggest contacting other companies who specialize in small orders or direct-to-consumer products.  

Q: How can I get a personal offer or quote? 

If you are considering new marketing products, signs or strategic advice to grow your brand and would like to receive a non-binding quote, the fastest way is to write an email with your request to sales@dekkersinternational.com

Alternatively, you can call our headquarters to discuss your request: +31(0)40 251 67 89

Calling from North America? You can use our number for our office in New York: +1 (212) 561-5869. 

Q: I really like my favorite brand's sign (or marketing product) I saw. How can I get it? 

You can check on the brand's website if they sell it or get in touch with them directly if they have any extra items. 

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Shipping & Delivery

Q: Where are you based? 

Our head office is in Eindhoven, the Netherlands, and we have an office in the United States of America. 

Q: Do you deliver worldwide?

As we have an international network with partners and suppliers, we offer shipping solutions to any part of the world. 

Q: How long does delivery take?

We have a team of project managers working with in-house logistics experts and delivery partners to ensure your product arrives as soon as possible and in the safest and most cost-efficient way. The exact delivery time will vary and depends on many factors (seasonality, route, delivery amount, and type of transportation method). Please get in touch with us with your specific request to receive an estimate. 

Repair & Return

Q: What do I do if there's something wrong with my sign? For example, it flickers or is only partially lit.  

We are very sorry to hear your sign has malfunctioned. Many issues are because the transformer has reached its end of life. Our first suggestion is to check and see if replacing the transformer works. For this, you need to check the manual for the transformer specs. In the top right corner of the transformer, you see the requirements (for example, 12V/2,5A). 

Please note that we can only guarantee the sign's safety with the supplied original transformer.

Q: Can I order spare parts? 

Unfortunately, we don't store spare parts. 

Q: What do I do if a sign is over the warranty period and is partially not working? 

If your item reaches the end of its life and the two-year warranty has passed, we advise you not to replace parts except for the transformer. When replacing the transformer, always make sure you buy one that matches the requirements of the sign. 

Q: The product or sign has reached its end-of-life; how can I dispose of or recycle it? 

We are working on a comprehensive recycling plan as we have set goals to contribute to a circular economy and minimize our emissions and those of our clients and partners. 

In the meantime, please check the specific recycling spots and collection units for electrical appliances in your country. 

If you wish to receive support on this, get in touch with our team. 

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