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Retail Brand Signage Collection

Claire's Ear Piercing LEDNeon©


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  • Design: Dekkers 
  • Production & Logistics: Dekkers 
  • Item: LEDNeon Sign
  • Distribution: USA, Europe
  • Brand: Claire's 

"Since 1974, Claire’s has been the fun fashion destination for jewelry, cosmetics, accessories and ear piercing for tweens, teens and young girls between 3 and 18 years of age. " (Source: claires.com)


Iconic Claire's Ear Piercing Sign for Diverse Locations & Languages

Client briefing summary 

Create an on-brand,  outstanding LEDNeon sign for storefronts at key retail locations of the iconic ear piercing opportunity at stores. The signs need to be consistent in quality and look&feel and executed in diverse languages. 

Project description summary

Design was based on the brand guide and previous marketing materials of the client. The item's color was one of the main shades used in stores to blend well with surroundings. The "Ear Piercing" sign is hangable thanks to light in weight. The illumination makes it also highly recognizable from a distance. This item was translated to fit all local stores. 

After final approval of the design, Dekkers's team produced and delivered all items to diverse countries across US and Europe.  

The Final Product in Action

Claire's Walmart Newport 
Source: https://stores.claires.com/ 


Claire's Budapest, Westend 
Source: https://azevirodaja.hu/ 



Get inspired! Download the entire client portfolio (pdf) with more examples. 

Download portfolio (pdf)

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