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Signum©: bring your brand to life.

Using the movement and interaction technology of Signum©

Benefits of Signum© - interaction triggered technology

  • Stand out from the crowd by grabbing immediate attention
  • Create a positive and interactive brand experience
  • Customize according to your brand identity
  • Increase sales using a cost-effective marketing solution


Rob Dekkers

Head of R&D - Dekkers

“Signage is a silent salesperson but is often only used indoors. That’s a missed opportunity as you can add to your customer’s journey by extending the brand experience outdoors. Extra impact for competitive costs.”


Stand out in crowded bars

Moving objects are proven to capture people’s attention. Benefit from using motion and interactive elements in trade marketing items on- and off-premise.


Attract attention with unexpected movement

The Signum© innovation offers triggered movement instead of constant movement, ensuring a subtle draw of attention. It results in a pleasant brand experience with no intrusions.


Customize to your brand and needs

Integrate your brand identity and add a new dimension to your on-trade promotion using the power of movement and light.

Get valuable insights into Heineken's daily marketing operations

Case study: The Heineken Company stays ahead of the branding game

Find out how a global frontrunner pushes boundaries to create innovative and sustainable trade marketing items

11 Page whitepaper - 10 minutes well spent


of businesses using on-premise signage reported increases averaging about 10 percent in sales.

15 minutes well spent

The impact of illuminated signs on revenue

According to the research done by University of Cincinnatti, on the economic value of on-premise signage,  signs are among the most important elements of visual communication, and the importance of on-trade signage. Adding (illuminated) signs to the visual communication portfolio has a significant positive impact on sales, number of transactions and profits. Roughly 60 percent of businesses reported increases averaging about 10 percent.”

  • Your brand stands out from the crowd as it grabs immediate attention
  • Moving objects are known to draw the eye’s attention
  • A positive brand experience
  • Signum© is an unique development by Dekkers International
  • Signage is a silent salesperson
  • Customizable according to your brand guidelines and needs
  • A cost-effective marketing solution
  • The latest innovation in interactive branding products

    With our pro-active, sustainable and innovative no-nonsense approach, we know how to communicate your message in the most effective way.

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