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Global supplier of dispensing equipment, Vin Service, and Dekkers International announce partnership.

Vin Service, a global supplier of dispensing equipment for beverage, beer and spirits brands, and Dekkers International started a new partnership built on integrating two innovative and valued solutions by clients: brand visibility and dispensing technologies.

"At Dekkers, we have over 30 years of brand-building experience. Our mission has always been to help companies grow and maximize their visibility through premium signage, branded products and branding technology at key locations. With our new partnership and shared values of proactivity, innovation and sustainability; clients can now benefit from a combined, unique tap branding and dispensing system, an expanded network and a faster, more efficient service to launch or grow their brand." - Rob Dekkers, CEO of Dekkers International.

Vin Service, part of Aalberts Group NV, with 40+ years experience in the field. 

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Vin Service, a subdivision of Disptek Group, has over 40 years of experience and has become a leading global dispensing technology and equipment supplier. Starting as a family business in Italy, today, they are internationally established. Disptek Group comprises Tap Rite (US), DSI (DE) and Disptek UK and are global specialists in dispensing technologies. Disptek Group is part of Aalberts NV. For more information, visit www.disptek.com.

"With our new partnership with Dekkers International, we are expanding our product offerings with new branding opportunities for clients and with an additional double-service of implementing and improving their dispensing systems." - Giulio Guadalupi, Managing Director at Vin Service.

Present in over 100 countries worldwide, international brands such as Heineken, Pilsner Urquell, Coca-Cola, PepsiCo, Carlsberg, Budweiser and many more dispense their products with their customized made-in-Italy equipment.

First co-product offering on the market: The Digital Tap Lens with integrated dispensing technology

"In our partnership, we have two main pillars of development. (1) digitization of products - where we see opportunities in making products more intelligent and data-driven. And (2) on sustainability - sourcing more sustainable materials and focusing on circularity and less CO2." -Giulio Guadalupi, Managing Director at Vin Service. 

The partnership's first combined service and fruit have already been reaped: The Digital Tap Lens integration and expansion plan. This Digital Tap lens is the latest tap branding innovation from Dekkers. It allows clients to change tap imagery with the blink-of-an eye, which means changing branding, marketing or promotional needs are now easily catered to.

In addition, the Digital Tap Lens will now receive the dispensary expertise and technology from Vin Service to allow clients to easily integrate this new branding technology into their trade marketing strategy. Soon, clients can track indoor consumption data real-time or have unique ways of interacting with their customers. Because of its digital nature, it also saves costs long-term and is a more sustainable solution. 

So whether clients are building a brand in Europe, America or worldwide, the tap installation technology will be ready to support the digital transformation of tap branding on the bar.

Want to know more about what this partnership can do for your brand? Get in touch!


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