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LED vs. neon in illuminated signage: what’s the difference?

Since the early 1900s, bright neon signs have set the scenery in bars, clubs and restaurants worldwide. The authentic, Vegas-like appearance of neon quickly made it the absolute leading choice for marketeers to increase their brand visibility.

Over the past decade, LED technology quickly took over the industry. Dekkers International shaped this innovation and has recently introduced the second generation of LEDNeon©. In this blog, we explain the benefits of LED over neon in illuminated signage, without the need for you to compromise on the brightness or impact of your illuminated signs.

LED technology is an excellent replacement for traditional neon since it combines the appealing characteristics of neon with exciting new benefits such as more design freedom, 20-30% cost savings due to sustainable material selection and more logistic simplicity. Let’s dive a little deeper into the main differences between LED vs neon in illuminated signs.

1. LED technology allows for (much) more design freedom

Unlike neon, LED technology allows for animation, creating the illusion of movement in your signs. Flickering lights, fading lights, running lights or even color changes: it’s all possible. Since our attention is drawn to moving objects, the benefits of LEDNeon© are widely exploited by brands battling for consumers’ attention.

Guinness beer LEDNeon sign LED vs. Neon

A 5 mm LED can fit anywhere in your design. This allows for sharper corners, as well as the opportunity to create direct and indirect lighting.

2. Total logistics volume can be reduced by 20 - 35% with LED

Neon glass tubes are fragile. They frequently break during shipping. It’s extremely frustrating and inefficient from a cost perspective for your customer to receive their final product in damaged condition and to have to demand immediate replacement. The LED technology in illuminated signage takes away that frustration. It also allows for much slimmer packaging, reducing total logistics volume between 20 and 35%. Compared to neon, a final product containing LED is more beneficial for your Total Cost of Ownership, makes the end customer happy and it’s the sustainable choice to make. Let’s call that a win, win, WIN!

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3. Lower power consumption (and no use of harmful materials)

Indoor neon signage is not environmentally friendly since it contains mercury and argon. These are harmful and dangerous chemicals that can become a safety hazard if the glass is compromised.

As the name LEDNeon© implies, a technological method is used in their manufacture, combining the appealing characteristics of traditional neon with the durability and environmental benefits of LED technology. Special injection-moulded resin, used to replace neon tubes, is illuminated by integrated LED lights, then mounted on a metal frame and powered by only 12 volts. LED lights last up to 40,000 hours, yet they consume two to three times less power.

LED vs Neon lower power consumption

4. More cost-efficient batch production and consistent branding

You want your branding to be as consistent as possible. With neon, that’s tricky. Once a mould is produced, the process of blowing and bending the glass demands craftsmanship, taking several hours for each individual product. The automated, more economically attractive production process used for LEDNeon© signs eliminates these deviations and assures that all signs are identical, which is especially beneficial when large quantities are involved.     

Heineken beer brand LEDNeon sign LED vs. Neon LinkedIn

5. The benefits of LED – with the authentic looks of neon 

When it comes to the stunning design and great light intensity, the LEDNeon© is likely to stand out compared to traditional neon, without compromising that authentic neon feel. Dekkers is proud to be a frontrunner in LED applications for on- and off-trade marketing solutions. Over the last 5 years, we have constantly worked to improve our LEDNeon©. We’ve increased their brightness, introduced new LED versions and improved packaging. And we will never stop working to improve this beautiful product!

Dekkers International has recently introduced the second generation of LEDNeon©.

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LEDNeon© commands the future in the field of custom illuminated signage. And the revolution is not over yet. The world of LEDNeon© is developing fast and Dekkers International is happy to take you along on this exciting journey.

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