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Minimalism in Retail Design: less is more

Creating an exceptional in-store experience is key to attracting and retaining customers. One of the most effective ways to achieve this is through an eye-catching and innovative in-store display that draws customers in and highlights your products. But with so many design options available, how do you choose the right one?

There has been a growing trend towards minimalistic design in retail displays in recent years. While it may seem counterintuitive to reduce design elements, this approach is a winning strategy for several reasons. Let's take a closer look at why minimalistic design is a smart choice for in-store displays.

Benefits of Minimalistic Design in Retail

  • Less is More

The "less is more" concept is at the heart of minimalistic design. A display can create a striking visual impact that captures customers' attention by stripping away excess elements and focusing on the essentials. A minimalistic approach also allows your products to take centre stage, ensuring they are the main focus of the display.

Pickwick Display-1920x1080 ratio - Low resolutionPickwick Product Display - Design by Dekkers

For example, a display with a single product showcased in a clean, uncluttered setting can create a more impactful impression than a cluttered display with multiple products competing for attention. In addition, customers are more likely to remember a display that made a clear statement rather than overloaded with visual information.

  • Creates a Sense of Calm

Another benefit of minimalistic design is that it creates a sense of calm for customers. In a world where we are bombarded with information and sensory stimuli, a calm and serene display can be a welcome relief. Using a neutral colour palette and uncluttered design elements, a minimalistic display can create a sense of relaxation and focus that encourages customers to engage with the products.

This approach can be particularly effective in high-stress environments like busy shopping malls or crowded stores. A calming display can provide a respite from the chaos and help customers feel more connected to the products and the brand.

  • Highly Versatile

Minimalistic design is also highly versatile, allowing retailers to create displays that work in various settings. Whether your store has a modern, industrial aesthetic or a more traditional feel, a minimalistic display can be adapted to fit seamlessly into any space. Using simple materials and design elements, such as natural wood or metal finishes, a minimalistic display can create a timeless and elegant look that always stays in style.

Retail-display_watch-displays-v1_beautyInvicta Watch Displays Concept - Design by Dekkers

Versatility is paramount in today's retail environment, where stores must adapt to changing trends and consumer preferences. A minimalistic display can be easily updated with new products or design elements, ensuring it remains relevant and engaging for customers.

  • Encourages Customer Interaction

In addition to creating a calming atmosphere, minimalistic design can encourage customer interaction with products. By creating a clean, uncluttered setting, customers are more likely to feel comfortable handling and exploring the products on display. This creates a sense of engagement and connection with the products, increasing sales.

For example, a minimalistic display that includes a table and chairs can encourage customers to sit down and try on a pair of shoes or test out a new electronic device. By providing a comfortable and inviting setting, customers are more likely to spend time interacting with the products and forming a connection with the brand.

  • Cost-Conscious in-store displays 

Finally, a minimalistic approach to design can be less expensive than more elaborate displays. By using simple materials and design elements, retailers can create impactful and cost-effective displays. This is particularly important for small businesses or those operating on tight budgets.

For example, a minimalistic display that uses natural wood finishes and simple metal shelving can create a high-end look without the high-end price tag. 

  • Sustainable retail design practices

In addition to the benefits outlined above, minimalistic design is an environmentally sustainable choice for retailers. By using fewer materials and creating displays designed to last, retailers can reduce their environmental impact and create a more sustainable business model. Additionally, by creating displays that are designed to last, retailers can reduce their need for frequent replacements, further reducing their environmental impact.


Focusing on sustainability is becoming increasingly important to consumers, particularly younger generations who prioritize environmental responsibility. By choosing a minimalistic approach to design, retailers can create visually impactful displays and demonstrate their commitment to sustainability and appeal to environmentally-conscious consumers.

At Dekkers, we focus on circularity, emission reduction and a modular approach to product design which allows us to continually develop more sustainable products for brand builders. You can find more information about our sustainability program here. 

  • Conclusion

In conclusion, minimalistic design is a winning strategy for in-store displays. By focusing on the essentials and creating a visually impactful but calm setting, retailers can capture customers' attention and create a memorable in-store experience. Additionally, the versatility and cost-effectiveness of minimalistic design make it a smart choice for retailers of all sizes.

Finally, by embracing minimalistic design, retailers can demonstrate their commitment to sustainability and appeal to environmentally-conscious consumers. By creating displays designed to last and using fewer materials, retailers can reduce their environmental impact and create a more sustainable business model.

Ultimately, a well-executed minimalistic display can create a sense of focus, engagement, and connection with customers, leading to increased sales and a positive brand reputation. So why not give it a try? Simplify your design and let your products speak for themselves.

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