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Outdoor Signage Ideas: The New Solar Powered Pavement Stand

Using outdoor signs to gain exposure for your brand or message during the day is a commonly used marketing tactic. But what if you could extend the effectiveness of this promotional item by making it just as effective in the dark? And what if you could do that in a sustainable way? These were the two driving questions behind the newest product addition: The Solar Powered Pavement Stand. 

Outdoor sign with a sustainable energy source

Quick summary of benefits

  • Multifunctional type of outdoor signage
  • The sun sets, your brand can continue to draw attention
  • Subtle, elegant solar panel
  • Illumination ambiance of your choice
  • Environmentally-conscious way to attract
  • Durable, long-term investment with added cost-effectiveness

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Pavement stands are a very multifunctional type of outdoor signage. While highly customizable to fit the brand identity (and message), they are also effective ways to attract customers in high foot traffic areas. Just the mere presence of a pavement stand will increase visibility as it stands prominently on the street. However, as their visual appeal decreases with the time of day, these stands are often closed and taken inside for the night.

However, the Solar Powered Pavement Stand has a subtle, elegant solar panel integrated on the top. During the day, the panel will charge up with the sun's power, and then in the dark, the whole surface will become and stay illuminated throughout the night. So even as the sun sets, your brand can continue to shine and draw attention to your product's availability while using a highly sustainable and independent energy source: the sun. 

How it works

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As potential customers pass by a location where your products are sold in the evening, the pavement stand's surface will light up in an illumination ambiance of your choice. This is thanks to the hidden sensor that activates to draw attention as a pedestrian walks by the stand. The eyesight is sensitive to change, so having an increasing light instead of constant light is usually more effective to capture attention. Once this person has passed, the light will slightly dim allowing it keep all the valuable sun energy it captured for a longer period of time. 

Solar Powered Branding

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While potential customers and pedestrians are triggered during the night, solar energy illuminates your brand and the message found on the writing surface. This means your brand is engaging in a more environmentally-conscious way to attract and inform.

Solar energy is an abundant, renewable and sustainable energy source which does not produce any greenhouse gas emissions or other pollutants. This means you use an eco-friendly way to illuminate your brand (message) and reduce your carbon footprint contributing to a cleaner environment. Want to learn more about what Dekkers does for sustainability? Read more here.

Solar panels are also known to have an increased lifespan. They are not dependent on electricity prices which means a durable, long-term investment with added cost-effectiveness in the long run. With these added benefits, using solar power to boost your brand visibility outdoors is a guaranteed winner in your marketing mix! Contact our 

outdoor signage specialists today to know more. 
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