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Look beyond illuminated signs.

As a trade marketeer, you don't want to create standalone products – it is your goal to boost brand visibility as a whole.

Illuminated signage is one of the solutions that can fit into your branding plans, but at Dekkers International, we do more. We've got you covered from the first sketch to shipping the final On or Off trade product.




Boost your brand visibility. 

On and Off Trade marketing solutions must communicate your message in the most effective way possible. Your designs should promote the strengths of your brand and product to the consumer in a striking way. Enabling you to distinguish your brand from the masses by taking important factors, such as functionality and your goals, into account.


Learn what top brands do to stand out.

It is your goal to present a branding plan that takes innovative ideas to the next level.

At Dekkers International, we work with top brands every day. This means we know what it takes to stand out from the rest and exceed expectations.