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4 top-class glorifiers to elevate your bottled brand experience

If you're in the beverage business, then you know that how your bottled goods are presented can make (or break) the brand experience. That's why bottle glorifiers and glorifier marketing tactics deserve particular attention to reap the benefits for your brand. Simply said, glorifier marketing is a trade marketing tool to communicate your brand identity and can enhance the product experience at key physical touchpoints - be it in a bar, a club or other retail outlet.

When it comes to deciding on the right glorifier for your brand, we usually consider two main points. First, 'location, location, location'. And, not any less important, the second is your specific brand goal. You'll want to make sure you choose a glorifier that fits the location setting, has impact, is recognizable and taste-inducing all at the same time. How? Read on for 4 of the most effective glorifier marketing solutions for bottled goods.

#1 Elegant stand-alone bottle glorifiers

Sometimes, all you want is for your iconic brand to glow. Translating iconic brand elements into bottle glorifiers brings the brand identity and the hard-earned positive associations forward in a non-intrusive elegant manner to ensure your bottled beverage receives the correct presentation it deserves.

Licor 43 Bottle Glorifier-1920x1080 ratio - Low resolutionLicor 43 bottle glorifier

#2 Playful illumination for visibility at busy spots

Don't let your brand go unnoticed at bars or busy social spots where the contact moment with your brand can count the most. Instead, use playful, surprising elements of light (using flexible lighting, like LEDNeon) to give your bottled goods an enhanced feature that grabs attention. What once was a simple stand for your bottle becomes a platform for artistic expression, an illumination experience or a boosted brand message. A perfect option when space is limited, or you are looking for something extra. 

Heineken_Infinity_Bottle glorifierHeineken beer bottle glorifiers 

#3 Enhanced glorifier brand experience  

If you plan to launch your glorifier at nightclubs, then using more space, the club vibes, or simply uncommon spots like the ceiling gives your brand more possibilities for expression and impact. Here, you can go bold and create more experience-driven designs that elevate the brand message. Additionally, you can incorporate more elements that get customers in the mood to grab another drink.

DS-3-Bottles-Glorifier-Variant,-2018-331(groen-uitgelicht) - 1920x1080 px - Lage resolutieDesperados beer bottle glorifiers 

#4 Robust, functional glorifier calling to drink

Want to make sure your beverages are easily accessible and thirst inducing? Combine your bottle glorifier with top-class functionality and offer potential customers the 'perfect serve' experience of your drink. Create a branded experience combined with different refrigerated options. For inspiration, check out the latest innovation of Dekkers, The B.360 Fridge - a compact, eye-level brand experience that fits the bar counter.

Jagermeister Shot Cooler Screen, 2019-391 - 1920x1080 verhouding - Hoge resolutieJagermeister spirits glorifier

Glorifier marketing for your bottled goods is undoubtedly an effective trade marketing tool that can elevate your brand experience, boost visibility and drive sales. The key lies in getting a perfect match between the location and your brand aligned with the customer's mood. Check out our client portfolios and product pages for more inspiration or get in touch to discuss the possibilities.

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