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Boost Nightlife Branding: Strategies for Bar and Club Visibility

You have an exciting challenge if you're building your brand and looking for more visibility in bars or clubs. Both location types have a few similarities and differences that need to be considered when developing new marketing products, brand signage, or POS/merchandising materials. This can influence how well you stand out, even in the busiest and loudest spots.

The bottom line? It's all about exciting your target audiences' senses while finding a way to seamlessly integrate your brand into the setting so that you become a part of their positive and memorable experience. So here are the top characteristics to look out for and real-life examples from brands already rocking the dancefloor (or bar counter).

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Common challenges for nightlife branding and merchandising

Dos Mas Premium Glorifier, proj. no 2018-750- 1920x1080 ratio - High resolutionDos Mas Bottle Glorifiers - Design by Dekkers

The setting is the first challenge (and opportunity). Your audience are in one of most crowded and distraction-rich spots. Getting their attention means you’ll need to find the right mix between your brand and the location atmosphere.

Then you have the added challenge that competition is fierce with usually a wide variety of drinks and products available in both types of locations. Standing out and becoming the preferred choice is the ultimate goal for many, so you’ll need to become desired and a apart of the fun to leave a lasting impression.

The third is light. You are working with locations that are generally darker when at total capacity. Light is an essential component when creating any marketing product or brand signage. That's why one of the top items used at these spots is LEDNeon signage

Branding opportunities in bars and nightclubs 

Desperados - blog product briefDesperados Bottle Glorifier - Design by Dekkers

A significant advantage for your brand is that your audience is also often in a good mood and looking for entertainment and enjoyment. Connecting your brand to this moment and feeling can become priceless. 

Another advantage is that according to studies*, people usually don’t know what they want when they enter a bar or club. In most cases, their drinking schedule is unplanned, meaning you can influence these spontaneous and impulsive buys.

Of course, they will have their preferences, but thanks to the setting and social influences, they can be more open to experimenting and trying new things. Again, this is a great moment for your brand to become a part of the experience. 

Want to get inspired? Check out a selection of the recent top brand visibility enhancers for bars and nightclubs. Download the inspirational booklet here: 

Download booklet (pdf)

Gaining brand visibility in nightclubs: go bold and think about brand collaboration.

nightclub bar

Although there is a growing trend of bar or restaurant owners building their brand, clubs usually have a much more predefined brand character, style and even specific subculture they attract.

This means as a brand, the idea is not only to perfect the design of your marketing products or POS materials to match your unique brand identity but to find something that works well together with the club’s branding. For example, there is quite a big difference between placing your product in a chic, entirely white delicate setting versus in a hardcore techno scene. 

Tip: Research the clubs of your choice or ask your design agency for insights. Understand the nightlife topics, style and audience the clubs of choice attract. What makes them work well with your brand, and which design elements could even be subtly integrated for a seamless club experience?

jesper_jager_berlin_2 (1)

Jagermeister LED light installation - Design by Dekkers

Most club owners are happy to work with brands that go the extra mile, so reaching out to them to discuss the opportunity could get your brand a much more prominent spot than initially possible.

Another ample opportunity is that clubs usually have more space and openness for an out-of-the-box brand or product installation, so go big and bold. Clubgoers are also more in the mood to be wow-ed than in a calm bar setting.

Tip: Match this relaxed and adventurous club mood by allowing your brand to do something unconventional to capture attention and leave a lasting impression.

Jagermeister-Modular-Staghead,-variant-1,-2019-392---Originele-verhouding---Hoge-resolutieJägermeister LED Sign combo - Design by Dekkers

Want to get inspired? Check out a selection of the recent top brand visibility enhancers for bars and nightclubs. Download the inspirational booklet here: 

Download booklet (pdf)

Getting eye level spots in bars: go for high-quality signage and on-brand product experience.

_bar counter (1)

There are a couple of spots in and on a bar you’d want to conquer for your brand but first, there is an important point to highlight. Bars are similar to retail outlets. They usually have a much more vast variety of products to choose from and displaying these products happens across the whole bar experience.

With such intensive competition, you can increase your chances of getting those premium bar spots by offering bar owners marketing products that can provide added value to the location. Ever thought of brand signage personalization? Check out how a popular Belgian beer brand increased visibility and loyalty through personalized LEDneon signage: Download the Duvel beer brand case study.

Affligem_bottle_glorifierAffligem Bottle Glorifier - Design by Dekkers

Today, we know which spots are most effective in attracting attention and improving brand visibility in bars. However, getting your brand into them requires that you can, at times, be practical (for example, by providing high-quality barruners needed for the counter), aesthetic or exciting to capture attention but at the same time leave room for the talks and experiences the audiences came for.

Tip: your brand hotspot is anywhere on, behind or around the bar counter. Needless to say one of the most decisive and popular spots is the bar counter for brands and audiences alike. Aim for the eye-level spots on the bar counter.

What will get your brand there? Is it by providing high-quality practical merchandise or is by offering a brand experience that improves the audiences experience that the bar owner can reap from?

Gordons Glorifier-1Gordon's Bottle Glorifier - Design by Dekkers

Want to get inspired? Check out a selection of the recent top brand visibility enhancers for bars and nightclubs. Download the inspirational booklet here: 

Download booklet (pdf)


*Source: https://usabeerratings.com/en/blog/insights-1/how-breweries-can-support-their-bars-and-pubs-and-help-sell-more-beer-73.htm


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