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The trade marketeer’s secret to creating innovative branding ideas

The impactful presentation of on-premise and off-premise marketing items is perhaps the best and most enjoyable part of your work as a trade marketeer. Developing groundbreaking branding materials that result in a higher ROI isn’t always easy, however. How can you be confident that you’re implementing the latest trends and techniques and coming up with ideas that consumers—and your colleagues—have never seen before? In this blog, we’ll give you three useful tips on how to create innovative and impactful solutions that truly stand out from the competition. 

We’ll explain how to use current and future trade marketing trends to your advantage and how working with an experienced supplier can help you achieve state-of-the-art marketing items!

I. Have a clear picture of your budget and brand identity

Turning marketing trends into innovative branding items can be challenging. A clear vision of your budget and the goals you want to achieve provides direction and prevents you from getting carried away by shiny but costly marketing designs. Before you get started, ask yourself: what kind of brand are we, what do we represent, and what do I want to achieve with my work? Is it your brand’s ambition to have a premium appearance, do you value family traditions, or is your brand known for its sense of humor? By finding the answers to these questions, you’re sure to develop innovative trade marketing items while staying true to your brand’s identity.

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II. Anticipate trade marketing trends

Stay ahead of the game by anticipating the latest marketing trends when coming up with new marketing items. Here are three major trends in trade marketing today you can use as a solid base for your next awe-inspiring branding items:

Sound and motion as integral parts of trade marketing items

Moving objects capture consumers’ attention. Therefore, motion (or the illusion of motion) is increasingly used in trade marketing items. To intensify brand experiences even more and maximize their impact, the element of sound is often added. However, all your trade marketing efforts can be undermined by something as small as a constantly flickering sign: after all, the secret behind capturing people’s attention lies in subtlety and timing.

Consumers are in charge of their own brand experience

Instead of being passive receivers, consumers are increasingly shaping their own brand experience. Specific actions triggered by people pressing a button or opening a tap handle bring something extra to the experience. Developing interactive marketing concepts that actively engage potential buyers is an effective way of increasing your trade marketing items’ ROI. 


Animation of our Signum technique

The switch to greener alternatives

We are all aware that sustainable growth is an ongoing and growing trend whose impact goes far beyond the product. The global switch from neon to LEDNeon© is a good example of this shift in focus. With the next generation, C-level executives being more aware of sustainability, reducing a company’s carbon footprint will play an even bigger role in the years to come.

Curious how one of the world's top brands stays ahead of the branding game? Download our case study and discover how The Heineken® Company's partnership with Dekkers International enables them to develop revolutionary and sustainable branding items.

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III. Go for personalized marketing items without the administrative hassle

Not all bar and restaurant owners may be eager to fill their walls with generic commercial branding, but a fully personalized LEDNeon© sign is a different story. Presenting owners with custom-made materials is an effective way of gaining a foothold in on-premise marketing. 

These one-of-a-kind marketing items humanize your brand, make a venue unique, and bring a smile to the faces of both bar owners and visitors. What’s more, they will most likely be given the most prominent spot! 

Although custom-made materials involve extra administrative activities (every item needs a unique article number), it doesn’t mean you should shy away from them. Instead, seek out an experienced supplier who can take the administrative hassle off your hands.

Looking for an innovation partner? Go talk to your supplier!

At Dekkers International, not only do we take your branding items to a higher level, but we also formulate a well-thought-out branding plan, created around your brand identity and based on a thorough analysis of your needs and wishes. Our in-house experts can take care of every stage of your process for you while ensuring the feasibility and quality of your products. 

In addition, we also take care of related administrative matters, such as logging article numbers. This way, you can fully focus on the things that truly matter, while we execute your branding plan from start to finish.


What are your cutting-edge ideas? Ask our in-house R&D team 

Our in-house R&D team—consisting of both commercial and technical specialists—is continuously working on innovative branding items in line with the latest trade marketing trends. With their versatile expertise, our specialists can turn even the most complicated techniques into a feasible design without sacrificing its impact. Do you have any ideas you’d like to discuss? Contact us, so we can help you explore the options and create the perfect solution according to your budget.

Interested in further shaping your innovative branding ideas? Our experts are happy to discuss all possibilities and help you create mind-blowing trade marketing items.

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