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Cannabis branding: how to stand out in overpacked dispensaries?

The worldwide cannabis industry is exploding, especially in the United States. More and more states are legalizing the recreational use of marijuana and dispensaries are springing up like mushrooms. Despite this huge growth, brands are struggling to grab consumer attention and differentiate themselves from the competition. One of the main reasons for this is the current set-up of dispensaries with their overwhelming amount of products. This forces brands to think of more innovative ways to gain visibility and stand out in this highly competitive environment.

This blog provides useful tips to create innovative and eye-catching premium marketing materials that stand out, attract consumers, and boost your sales.

Be creative and get noticed in a restricted environment

Despite most of them having a premium Apple-store-like appearance, dispensaries in the US are simply packed with products. Hundreds of cannabis products—ranging from chocolate to body lotion—are displayed throughout these points of sale. A feast for visitors, but brands are facing the following challenges:

  • Most products are very small and therefore easily overlooked.
  • Products are locked away behind glass, as required by law.
  • Varying regulations between states complicate the roll-out of an overall marketing plan.

Brands that are able to look beyond these restrictions are the ones most likely to take the lead in this billion-dollar industry.

Premium cannabis branding is a must to boost sales

Improve your in-store visibility with innovative marketing products

To overcome these in-store branding challenges, investing in premium and innovative marketing materials is a must if you want to truly stand out and boost product sales. Consider premium name tags, attractive illuminated signs, and eye-catching displays to attract consumers. Add interactive elements to your branding items to actively involve consumers in their own brand experience and increase consumer engagement.

Instead of focusing on the legislative limitations, be creative and think about what is possible within the boundaries of the law. Even within the industry’s restrictions, the sky is still the limit. If customers aren’t allowed to physically explore a product, for example, give potential buyers the opportunity to closely check out your product while being supervised by the budtender. Want to find out more about the cannabis market to get a competitive advantage?

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Pro tip: Discuss your ideas with an experienced supplier who can act as a sounding board and provide expert advice on the effectiveness of your branding items. It’s worth millions!

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The cannabis industry in the United States is exploding. How to establish a frontrunner position in this highly competitive market?

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